The following are the articles related to religious and legal studies published in the Center’s various conferences and journal: 

1 A Brief Glance at the Remarkable Governing Indexes in the Constitutions of Various Countries of the World
2 The Components of Governing Charitable Affairs from the Viewpoint of Imam Ali (as)
3 A Legal Comparison and Assessment of the Methods of Establishing Public Endowments and Charity Organizations
4 Kindness and Serving Fellow Humans as a Lasting Means of Charity in Islamic Mysticism
5 Rules and Regulation of Transferring Movable and Immovable Governmental Properties to Charity, Non-Profit and Mauqufa Organizations
6 A Commentary and Interpretation of Benevolence and Charitable Deeds from the Perspective of Quran and Ahadith
7 Iran’s Legislative Criminal Policy regarding Crimes against Endowments
8 An Approach to Governing Charitable Affairs from an Islamic Perspective
9 Investigating the Legal Status of Endowment of Shares, Intellectual Properties, and Common Currencies
10 A Study of Wali Faqih’s Authorities in Endowing Governmental and Public Properties
11 An Exploration of the Islamic Viewpoint on the Prerequisites and Consequences of Benevolence and Charitable Deeds
12 Endowing the Financial Rights Resulting from Intellectual Property Rights in Charity Affairs
13 A Charity Authority System: Obstacles to Realization of the Authority of Traditional-Religious Charities at the Institutional Level
14 A Conceptology of the Term Charity
15 The Semantics of Sadaqa in the Quran
16 The Problems and Plagues Facing the Favorable Tradition of Waqf
17 Laws and Regulations Supporting Charitable Activities in the Realm of Healthcare: A Review
18 The Jurisprudential and Legal Conditions of the Pillars of Waqf
19 Meritocracy in Appointing Employees and Managers in the Field of Charity According to Imam Ali’s (as) Nahj al-Balagha
20 Shares of Endowment, a Financial Tool to Attract Public Participation in Waqf and Endowment Affairs
21 The Status of Philanthropy and Waqf in Iran’s Laws
22 The Status of the Principle of “Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil” in Promoting Philanthropy, from the Perspective of Shahid Motahhari
23 The Mutual Influence of Genetics and the Environment on the Emergence of Characteristics and Personality Traits Related to Charitable Affairs from the Perspectives of Science and Religion
24 Investigating the Jurisprudential Foundations of Endowing Money and Shares
25 Encouraging Phialnthropy and Charitable Deeds According to Chapter Ma’oun in the Quran
26 Semantic Differences between ‘Hasanat’ and ‘Righteous Deeds’ from the Perspective of Quran
27 Endorsing Waqf in the Light of Criminal Law
28 The Methods and Models of Philanthropy and Charitable Deeds in the Quran and Traditions
29 Sadaqa and Benevolence: Manifestations of Lasting Philanthropy
30 Semantics of ‘birr’ in the Quran
31 The Semantics of “On the Path of God” in the Quran; Case Study: Performing Jihad with One’s Wealth, Giving out to Relatives to the Poor
32 The Failure of the Laws in Preventing Crimes against Endowments
33 The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Laws of Iran, France, and England
34 A New Look at the Rule of Benevolence from the Perspective of Jurisprudence, Narrations, and Today’s Social Developments
35 The Function of Benevolence and Charitable Deeds in Bringing in Hearts Closers to One Another in the Islamic Society
36 The Economic and Social Functions of Waqf (Endowment) and Infaq (Donation) with an Approach to Prophet Muhammad’s Manners
37 A Probe into The Notion of Compassion as a Component of Fulfilling Charitable Affairs
38 Investigating the Crime of Money Laundering in the Context of Charity Organizations
39 Anthropology and the Choice of Good in the Context of Mazdayasna Dualism and its Impact on the Good Ending of the World
40 A Pathology of the Laws in the Realm of Promoting Charity and Philanthropy in Iran and Solution for it

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