The following lists the titles of sociocultural articles published in different Lasting Philanthropy Conferences as well as the Journal of Waqf and Philanthropy Research

1 Waqf in the realm of Science: An Effort to Expand Rulers’ Sphere of Domination or a Service for the Vitality of the Scholar?
2 Philanthropy and Charity: Liabilities and Challenges
3 The Role of Endowments in Creating and Perpetuating Public-Interest Cultural Centers in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar: The Case of Memar-Bashi School-Mosque and Hajj Safar-Ali Mosque
4 The Role of the State Welfare Organization of Iran in the Governing System of Philanthropy: A Study of some of the obligations, objectives, challenges, strengths, weaknesses, solutions, and recommendations
5 A Study of the U.S. Support Organizations in Iraq
6 A Sociological Study of the Factors Influencing Donors’ Participation in Charity Health Centers
7 A Study, Analysis, and National Experiences of Philanthropy and Charity at times of National Disasters in Iran
8 Social Networks: A Platform for Offering Services to Charities
9 A Scenario of Altruistic Activities
10 Social Capital and Charity Affairs in Favorable Governing
11 Structuring, validating, and assessing charity literacy index
12 A Descriptive Content Analysis of texts and images in Persian Language Textbooks of Grades One and Two of Primary Schools, about Philanthropy and Charity
13 The Impact of Public’s Adherence to Values on Participation in Charity Affairs
14 Teachers Using the Internet to Perform Charity Deeds
15 A Study of the Role of Donors in Crisis Management and Increasing Human Societies’ Tolerance
16 Investigating the Degree of the Achievement of the Strategic Goals of the Kindness Campaign and Hope Campaign and Raising Awareness about COVID-19 by the Tolo Bi-nam o Neshan-ha Community: The Case of 42660 households of the community’s target)
17 Reorganization of the Governing System of the Social Security Organization: The Necessities and Strategies
18 The Emperor of Charity NGOs in Iran and the World and the Arenas of Their Activity
19 The Youth NGOs of Markazi Province’s Measures in Preparing and Distributing Livelihood Aids During COVID-19 Outbreak
20 Assessing Vocational Trainings and Organizational Learning in NGOs: The Need for Policymaking to Empower Human Resources
21 Theoretical and Experimental Literature on Titles and Signs of Honor versus Incentive in the third part in the world and Iran
22 The Typology of the Nature of Charity Affairs on Social Networks, with an Emphasis on Telegram
23 Activism in Philanthropy and Charity Affairs as Social Capital
24 An Investigation of the Components of Charity Affairs in Social Capital by Reading Islamic Utopia
25 Identifying the Pedagogical Needs of Charity Centers: a Qualitative Study
26 The Role of Waqf, Philanthropy, and Volunteering in Social Processes
27 The Role of Favorable Social Behavior (charity) in Improving the Structures of Social Capital
28 A Comparative Study of Teaching Charity to Children from the Viewpoint of Islam and Modern Psychology
29 Effective Participation in Philanthropy and Charity Affairs as a Social Responsibility: the Rule of the Game of Sustainable Development
30 States’ Responsibility in Expanding the Culture of Charity and the Necessary Policymaking
31 The Need for Paying Attention to Teaching the Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources at Schools as a Form of Lasting Charity
32 The Culture of Philanthropy in Persian Literature
33 The Islamic Culture of Philanthropy and the National Lesson Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran
34 Social Capital and Charity Actions in the Experience of School Building Benefactors
35 Benefactors Building Schools: From Building Schools to Shared Decision Making in Pedagogical Changes
36 Charity Donors on the Internet: Strategies to Fulfill Individual and Social Charity Deeds on the Internet
37 The Status of Waqf and Charity Deeds in Promoting and Expanding Knowledge: A textual analysis
38 The Conceptual Status of Social Takaful in the Arena of Charity Deeds and Philanthropy
39 Paying Attention to Charity Affairs in Designing Curriculums (officials, unofficial): An Influential Factor in Achieving a Philanthropist Society
40 Institutional and Social Transformations and Challenges facing Charity Organizations: A Case Study of Ablooleh Charity in Birjand
41 A Study and a Pathology of Charity Organizations’ Activity and Identification of Effective Factors in Improving their Performance (with an emphasis on charity organizations in Khorasan Razavi Province)
42 A Study of the Role of Social Capital in Youth’s Team Participation in Red Crescent’s Activities (the case of 15 to 29 year-olds in the city of Tehran)
43 An Analysis of the Role of NGOs Active in the Field of Women and Family Issues in Empowering Women in Lorestan Province
44 An Analysis of First to Third Grades’ Persian Learning Textbooks based on Pedagogical Objectives in the Field of Philanthropy and Charity
45 A Sociological Analysis of the Role of Social Capital in Philanthropy with an Emphasis on the Culture of Waqf
46 An Interpretive Analysis of the Meaning of Not Donating to Women’s Health Centers as Perceived by Esfahani Donors
47 An Elaborate Description of the Residents of Kashan’s Participation in Charity
48 The Impact of Social Networks on Philanthropist Action
49 The Impact of Philanthropy on Official Education with an Emphasis on the Effect of Qalamchi Scientific-Educational Foundation on Students with Scholarships for the National University Entrance Exam
50 Branding Charity Organizations: The Case of MAHAK and Imam Ali Community
51 A Study of the Social Functions of Waqf in Improving Social Welfare
52 An Analysis of the Role of Charities in Expanding Top Universities: A Practical Framework for Iran
53 A Study of the Role of Zhin Para-traditional Association in Improving the Living Quality of Zhin Clients
54 A Comparative Analysis of Job Satisfaction Among Governmental versus Non-Governmental Charity Institutes
55 A Comparative Analysis of The Realm of Actions by Health Service Donors in Yazd Province between 2013 and 2015
56 An Analysis of the Concept of Philanthropy in Social Studies Textbooks of Primary Schools of the School Year 2016-2017
57 An Analysis of The Factors Influencing Charities’ Crowdfunding through Social Media
58 An Analysis of the Relation between Religious Culture and Mental Health of Donors at Tehran’s Care Centers for the Mentally Disabled
59 An Analysis of The Poor’s Viewpoint regarding Receiving Aids in Dostoevsky’s “Poor Folk” Novel
60 An Analysis of the Factors Influencing Specialist Volunteers’ Loyalty to Associations Supporting Patients with Specific Diseases in Tehran
61 An Analysis of the Impact of Emotions on Charity Deeds
62 An Analysis of the Impact of Primary and Secondary Education on Charity and Philanthropist Expenses in the Framework of a Dynamic Systemic Model in Iran’s Provinces between 2000 and 2014
63 Estimating Willingness of Individuals in Society for Supporting Science and Knowledge Production in the Form of Waqf and Charity: The Case of Rasht
64 The Representation of Waqf in Media: The Experimental Case of Content Analysis of “Waqf, a Perpetual Heritage” Journal between 2012 and 2014
65 Philanthropy and Social Capital
66 Philanthropy and Charity as Social Capital
67 Philanthropy and Public Sphere
68 From Divine Charity to Popular Charity: An Analysis of the Outcomes of Categorizing Charity in the Iranian Society
69 Presenting an Effective Educational Model for Philanthropy and Charity in the Educational System
70 A Pathology of Waqf
71 A Pathology of Charities in the Context of Social Takaful Theory
72 Explaining Factors Influencing Women’s Voluntary-Philanthropic Participation
73 A Comparative Analysis of Social Capital in the Charity Organizations Network
74 An Analysis and Investigation of the Current Status of Philanthropy and Charity in Iran
75 “Do Good and Throw it in the Tigris”
76 Iranian Philanthropy vs. Iraqi Philanthropy: A Comparison of Religious Charity Deeds Models of Iranians versus Iraqis during Arbaeen Walk 1
77 Policies to Expand Social Entrepreneurship
78 Identification of the Components of Social Skills Based on Islamic Teachings as a means of Strengthening Individuals’ Charitable Activities
79 Identifying and Measuring Factors Influencing Translation of Knowledge in NGOs: The Case of Alaa Charity Foundation
80 Social Factors Impacting Tendency to Waqf and Charitable Affairs among Students of Ramsar Payam-e-Noor University
81 University Students’ Participation in Charitable Affairs: An Investigation of Persuasive Features and Initiatives
82 Participation in Charitable Activities as a Means of Social Support for the Development of Social Health
83 The Role of Education Department in Promoting, Expanding, and Institutionalizing Philanthropy and Charitable Affairs
84 Pathological Phenomenology of Teaching Philanthropy to Children with Solutions to Overcome the Harms
85 Predicting Job Burnout of Governmental and Non-Governmental Charity Organizations’ Employees in Shiraz based on the 5 Main Personality Factors
86 Investigating the Thematic Distribution of Iran’s Charities Considering Provincial Populations
87 An Investigation and Analysis of Waqf and Nadhr as two Lasting Charity Deeds, as Represented in Persian Proverbs
88 An Analysis and Pathology of Charity Organizations’ Activities and Determining Factors Influencing the Improvement of Their Performances
89 An Investigation of People’s Trust in Governmental and Non-Governmental Charities
90 An Analysis of Influential Components of Iranians’ Attitudes and Culture in Shaping Collective Charitable Deeds
91 Investigating Social Criteria in Assessing Opportunities for Investment in Social Entrepreneurship
92 An Investigation of the Process of Establishing Hospital Charity Institutes: A Qualitative Study
93 Investigating Social Factors Influencing Kermani Residents’ Participation in Charitable Affairs
94 Investigating Changes in the Value of Altruism among People of Tehran
95 An Analysis of the Role of Media in Framing the Notion of Philanthropy (A Study of Illustrating Charitable Activities in Popular TV Programs)
96 Investigating the Impact of Personality Traits on Doing Charitable Activities
97 Investigation Donors’ Conceptual Assumptions
98 Charity Organizations’ Representation on the Internet
99 The Representation of Charitable Affairs and Activities in Mass Media: A Semiotic Study of Advertising Videos Promoting Philanthropy
100 The Reflection of Charitable Deeds and Philanthropy in Old Persian Stories
101 The Idea of Expert Training in Economics and Launching Startups: Benefitting from Modern Mass Media in Implementing and Reproducing Educational Charitable Affairs in Entrepreneurship
102 Motivations for Charitable Affairs and Their Reflection on Persian Poetry
103 Education Model and Professional Excellence for Charity Organizations Employees
104 Charitable Thoughts in Rumi’s Masnavi Manavi
105 Assessing and Investigating the Effectiveness of the Activities of Brujerd’s Al-Ghadir Charity for Orphans
106 Benevolence and Philanthropy from the Point of View of Sa’adi.
107 The Pyschological Impacts of Charitable Activities on Worldly Mental Health and Eternal Bliss in the Hereafter from the Viewpoint of Quran and Ahadith
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