The following is a list of the articles related to the Department of Economy and Administration which have been published in the center’s various conferences and journals:

1 A Review of Governing Macro Data in Non-Profit Organizations
2 A Comparative Study of Charity Rating Metrics across Europe and America
3 The Role of NGOs in Urban Management
4 Comparing Charity Organizations Based on Criteria of Proper Governing of Charitable Affairs, According to the Perception of Society’s Young Individuals
5 Modeling the Basis of the Role of the Governance System in Facilitating Charitable Affairs and its Impact on Economic Inequality in Iran
6 Modeling the Basis of the Facilitating Role of the Governance System in Charitable Affairs as a Solution for Reducing the Inflationary Impacts of Sanctions in Iran
7 Identifying and Prioritizing Marketing Strategies of Waqf (Endowment) for the Promotion and Expansion of the Culture of Waqf
8 Information an Commination Technology’s Solution for Indorsing Transparency of Charities
9 The Strategy to a Favorable Governing of Charitable Affairs, with an Emphasis on the Internet
10 Regional Governing of Charities: a Strategy to Cooperate with the Countries of the Middle East in Conditions of Uncertainty
11 Governing Charitable Affairs: Concepts and Problems
12 The Status of the Indicators of Favorable Governing in Iran’s Charity Organizations’ Missions
13 Explaining Organizational Models of the Third Sector and Their Role in Governing Charity Affairs
14 The Impact of The Establishment on the Transparency, Responsiveness, and Accountability of Charity Organizations
15 The Utilization of the Internet to Perform Charitable Deeds by Teachers
16 An Investigation of the Activities of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation and Their Impact on Solving Economic and Social Issues of the Underprivileged in Golestan Province
17 A Study of the Effect of Islamic Fundraising Tools on the Governing System of Imam Khomeini Relief foundation, Mosques, and Charity Centers in the Realm of Philanthropy (The Case of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, Mosques and Charity Centers of the City of Kermanshah)
18 A Study of the Effect of New Ideas of Governance in the Realm of Philanthropy and Charity in Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation
19 Reorganizing the Governing System of Iran’s Social Security Organization: Necessities and Strategies
20 Prioritization of Humanitarian Aid Charities according to Criteria of Governing Charitable Affairs
21 Prioritization of Humanitarian Charities according to Criteria of Governing Charitable Affairs
22 Social Business a New Method of Entrepreneurship, its Concepts and Differences with Social Entrepreneurship
23 Image Management and Marketing of Charity Organizations
24 Khadem al-Mustafa (as) Community as a New Model of Islamic Fundraising for Science and Technology in the World of Islam
25 Designing a Non-Governmental Charity Fund Using a Crowdfunding Method
26 Identifying and Assessing Components Effective in Knowledge Management of Charity Institute (the Case of Ala Managing Charitable Foundation)
27 Indicators of Evaluating the Performance of Waqf and Charity Sector Using a Balanced Scorecard
28 An Introduction to the Different Aspects of the Third Sector in Economy and a Glance at the Performance of Charity Institutes in the Holy City of Mashhad
29 An Investigation of How to Make Monitoring and Supervision of Charity Organizations More Effective Based on the Transparency Approach
30 An Analysis and Prioritization of Models of Investment in the Realm of Philanthropy and Charity
31 An Analysis of Methods of Evaluation of Volunteers’ Performances in Non-Governmental Organizations
32 Explaining The Role of Networking on the Capability to Innovate in Non-Governmental Organizations
33 Crowdfunding, a Proper Model for Attracting Patrons’ Contribution
34 Investigating the Role of Philanthropic Crowdfunding in Creating Job Opportunities and Production
35 Investigating Administrative Corruption in Charity Institutes and Ways to Confront it
36 A comparative Study of Government Supervision of Charitable Institutions in Iran versus in England
37 Causal Marketing: Promoting Philanthropic Behavior among Clients
38 Prioritizing the Issues of Non-Governmental Charities
39 Modeling the Effective Factors in Attracting and Maintaining Volunteers in Charitable Institutions of Bushehr Province
40 Economy and Culture as Traditional Helpfulness: Towards a Native Model of Helpfulness Charity in Contemporary Iran
41 Proposing a Mosque-Based Model for the Integration and Coordination of Charities
42 The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Job Performance of Public Relation Employees in Charitable Institutes, Considering the Mediating Role of Customer Orientation
43 Analyzing Attracting Contribution of Patrons in the Realm of Healthcare
44 A Content Analysis of Text Messages by Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation for Daily Donations (Sadaqa)
45 The Position of Charitable Institutions in Financing and Promoting Entrepreneurship in ICT
46 Lasting Philanthropy Challenged by Illusory Documents and the Manifestation of Rationality in Charity
47 Methods of Attracting and Managing Volunteers for Non-Governmental Organizations
48 Designing a Model of Cooperation between Governmental Organization for Attracting Public Contribution
49 A Comparative Study of Charity and Endowment Systems
50 Introducing Waqfi Funds in the Way Of Pooling Capital and Public Contribution in Economic Activities
51 Resources of Charity Fundraising in the Imamiyeh Jurisprudence
52 Charitable Institutes in Political Research
53 The Relation between Philanthropic Efforts and National Development Interests
54 Charity Institutions in Iran, Opportunities and Challenges
55 An Investigation of the Third Sector of Economy (Waqf and Charity Affairs) in the Development of Generation 4th Universities
56 Analyzing the Issue of Taxation in Charity Institutions in Iran
57 Philanthropy and Charity in Specialized Communities
58 Investigating the Thematic Distribution of the Iran’s Charities Considering Population of the Provinces
59 Investigating the Role of Culture in Economic Development with an Emphasis on Waqf (Endowment)
60 Investigating Organizational Commitment and the Feasibility of Establishing Knowledge Management in Charitable Institutions
61 Investigating the Impact of Endowment on the Economic Development of the City of Khomeini-Shahr
62 Investigating the Impact of Endowments in the Urban Management of Khomeini-Shahr County
63 Evaluation of Knowledge Translation in Non-Governmental Organizations; Case Study: Ala Charitable Foundation
64 Providing a Planning Process in Charity and Volunteering Organizations for Aligning Organization Strategies and Resource Strategies
65 Proposing a Model of Sharing Inter-Organizational Knowledge (Charity Organization)
66 Proposing a New Model of Attracting Financial Resources for Non-governmental Organizations with a Social Investment Approach
67 Pathology of System pf Charity in Iran Using I-PA Matrix
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