History and manner of establishment:

The concern over the institution of the Ala Foundation dates back to the time when its founders thought of an organization that would revolutionize how to carry out the charitable activities. More precisely, they targeted the completion of not only the high-priority incomplete charity activities but also those works that hardly any people might prefer to address. “Good charity work is done by many people, but we wanted to undertake the better work… To do something that will remain influential both under the current conditions of the society and in years to come… this is why the ‘foundation’ term was selected for its title instead of ‘charity’.  Another reason for this selection was making attempt to avoid the usual mentality about the existing charities in the country”.

The year 2010 was the starting point of this movement which was stirred by the spiritual support of the late Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mahdi Mazaheri (Mercy and blessings of God be upon him) as the spiritual monument of Isfahan city.  It was eventually finalized through the follow-up efforts by his benevolent and entrepreneurial family by the formation of ‘Institute of Ala Ayeneh Daran Leghai Aftab’.

Continuing its activity under the title of ‘Rahbari Ala Charity Foundation’ in the next years, this institute combined the idealistic view and strategic systematic thought of monotheism with jihadist, scientific, dynamic, endogenous, and social movement based on modern technologies to allow accomplishing the charitable affairs with long-lasting effectiveness.

Providing a systematic and comprehensive view of doing the charitable activities accounts for one of the strengths of the Ala Foundation, a view that has been tried to be mixed with a jihadi and people-oriented prospect to avoid the common scourges of such activities.

Taking this kind of perspective, in turn, has resulted in the compilation of a strategic document and long- and short-term planning. Maybe, this is what differentiates Ala Foundation from other charity centers.  In addition, having specialized committees for each plan- consisting of top practitioners and specialists from diverse fields- has added to the richness of planning and has succeeded to bring together an acceptable group of committed experts from various fields.

Ala Foundation’s Perspective

To serve as a scientific reference and an applied model for the effective total management of the charitable affairs at the national and transnational levels 

Ala Foundation’s Mission

Navigating the high priority unfinished charitable affairs, both internally and globally, in order to lay the foundation for the re-emergence of Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his return).