A Brief Introduction to Ala Research Center (ARC)

 Ala Charity Foundation, a non-governmental non-profit organization, felt the necessity for remodeling and regularizing charitable activities as one of its first principles regarding the increasing need for charitable givings and significant presence of donors in different domains of charitable activities.

Since a lasting and successful charitable activity requires to be well-organized in every aspect, first and foremost, in its research aspect, an accord was signed between Ala Charity Foundation and the University of Isfahan which lead to the birth of Ala Research Center (ARC) in January 2017. Ala Research Center’s aim is to produce knowledge about charity, promote donation and raise public awareness and modify and optimize charity governance methods.

ARC Goals

ARC goals are divided into primary and secondary as follow:

Primary Goals

  • To conduct Profitable and innovative researches and to produce knowledge in the domains of charity studies and charity management.
  • To establish constructive interactions on the national, regional and international levels in the field of charity studies and charity management.

                                                                                                                                Secondary Goals

  • To emerge as a scientific expertise and authority in carrying out the research projects of charity management in Iran.
  • To support research projects, Master dissertations and Ph.D. theses on charity studies and charity management.
  • To organize national and international conferences and professional events on charity in collaboration with universities and scientific centers.
  • To organize workshops and courses on charity studies and charity management in partnership with the universities and the charities in Iran.
  • To reform the charity management methods and to empower and offer services to charitable organizations and philanthropists.