The following is a list of articles related to the historical-civilizational category published in conferences and research journals:

1 An Investigation into the Effectiveness of the Ruling System in Promoting the Culture of Waqf among Women (Case of Study: From the Safavids to the Pahlavis)
2 The Role of Iran’s Contemporary Prominent Sufi Figures in Charitable Activities Benefitting the Public
3 Explaining the Relation between Politics and Philanthropy in the Iranian-Islamic Governing System (A Historical Analysis and Assessment)
4 A Review of the Anthropological Challenges of Motivations for Charitable Affairs from the Neo-Stoicism Viewpoint
5 Theoretical Foundations and Practical Approaches in Problem-Oriented Futurology of Charities
6 Zoroastrians and Charity Associations Bilateral Impacts in Promoting Culture and Education in the City of Yazd during Qajar Dynasty and the First Pahlavi Monarch
7 The Ruling of Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafqi in Yazd: From Political Activism to Religious-Economic Activity of Waqf
8 Incidents Impacting Activities by Organizations involved in Public Interest Affairs in Iran; the Case of the Second Pahlavi Monarch
9 Reflections on Altruistic Activities and Actions Benefiting the Public by Prominent Sufi Figures in Iran
10 A Glance at the Life of the Patron (Waqif) Hajj Aqa Mohsen Soltanabadi Iraqi (Araki): the Case of the Mohseni Foundation’s Performance in Arak and Canada
11 Charity Foundations During the Buyid dynasty
12 An Analysis of the Role of Scientific Waqf in Human Development: The Case of Qajar Dynasty
13 An Analysis of the Status of Beneficence in the Islamic Utopia
14 An Analytical Study of Dr. Mahmoud Afshar-Yazdi’s Endowment and its Social and Cultural Functions


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